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The Global Child believes in engaging hard-working, dedicated, and qualified volunteers to assist the core staff of Cambodian educators in enacting its mission. Volunteers are valuable assets to TGC, directly contributing to a wide range of different goals, from hands-on teaching in the classroom to working with local organizations, to developing new projects and extracurricular activities for our students. The experience of working closely with Cambodian students brings ineffable perspective to one’s life. Volunteers leave our program with new insights, broadened horizons, and unique perspectives.

The Global Child relies upon motivated individuals to take on the role of volunteer teachers to provide a comprehensive educational experience to our students. Volunteers are utilized primarily in teaching English classes, but also may be responsible for teaching math or science classes. Besides this, we welcome volunteers that are interested in supporting or running special programs like STEM workshops, health classes, as well as other topics of interest. We are always open to collaborations like the Minerva Fellows program at Union College.

Learn More About the Minerva Fellows

I volunteered at The Global Child from 2017-2018. Unlike most Minerva Fellows sent to Cambodia, I have had the unique opportunity to teach these amazing students a second time, which has helped me realize how important a good teacher is. The fellowship taught me that a teacher not only has the power to distribute knowledge, but to inspire. I am fortunate enough to have found early on in my life an itch I just can’t scratch, which is design and storytelling. I think my fellowship has taught me that I do have the unique ability to inspire others, and this has become a main focus of mine as I navigate this strange thing we all call life.

Daniel Tompkins

Minerva Fellow '17-'18

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We are always looking for volunteers to help us make lasting changes. Whether in-person or virtual, volunteers are expected to have an open mind and remain flexible. To make a lasting change, we request a commitment of at least two weeks for in-person and two lessons for virtual. Email Elisabeth Dubois at [email protected] for more information. 

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The sky is the limit. Whether running a marathon, competing in a athletic competition, or participating in a scrimmage. Support TGC by raising funds through challenging yourself.

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Choose to support TGC for your special occasion. Consider using your birthday, graduation, or wedding to ask for donations for TGC instead of gifts.

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Create an event to bring people together, tell your story, and raise awareness and money for TGC. Get creative and enjoy yourselves through trivia nights, cultural excursions, bake sales, concerts, or wine tastings.

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Create change. Whether fundraising, knowledge-sharing, gift-matching, or volunteerism, we continuously seek and enjoy building partnerships and collaborations big and small.

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“Cambodia needs more NGOs like The Global Child to aid students from underprivileged backgrounds now and in the future.”

Chab Sophoan

Ministry of Education